Atlantis The Legend

The Legend lives in Nassau Bahamas

Atlantis Paradise Island, Nassau, Bahamas

As the Legend goes – The city of Atlantis was protected by Large stonewalls and in its center there were channels of water dividing the different land areas. Outwards at the open places the Atlanteans positioned great towers and gates that had an enchanting function. For building materials only magnificent natural stones, brass, copper and tin were used, for the first two city walls. Orichalcum, a reddish metal, mined only in Atlantis was used for the walls surrounding the center of Atlantis. Orichalcum was used only for special buildings in Atlantis. In the canter there was a magnificent temple consecrated to Cleito and Poseidon. It was decorated with many gold statues and only the noblest metals were used to build it.
Atlantis is no other than the Primordial Paradise, which was the source from where the gods and angels brought the Gospels and the seeds of knowledge in the dawn of times.

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Atlantis Paradise Island is a lush tropical island with a two-mile strip of white sandy beach. It is a place that feels like home. All who set foot on this island fall under its mystical spell. It is a special place indeed.

It is also the world’s largest open-air marine environment. Home to 50,000 sea creatures representing 200 species, with new lagoons and countless waterfalls. There is also the spectacular Mayan Temple Waterslide complex, 6 swimming areas and a $15 million Marina that attracts the sophisticated international mega-yacht set.

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    Atlantis is situated on a tropical island not far from our mainland. But its so beautiful there!

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Atlantis is home to a variety of pools, rivers and slides and the six-story Mayan Temple, where you can plummet down into a shark-filled lagoon that will take your body, mind and spirit on a wild ride. For the less adventurous, there are the lazy river ride and a zero-entry pool, all with easy access to the sandy shores of Paradise Beach. Whatever your water-loving heart desires, you can find it at Aquaventure Water Park in Atlantis.

Atlantis’ private cabanas provide a convenient home base just steps from the pools and water attractions. You can rent just one for a few people or several for a larger group or event. Each spacious cabana features all the comforts to create your home-away-from-home for the day. Oh, by the way, all cabanas are family-friendly.

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